Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Back Pain

Common advice these days to avoid back pain is to sit less.  With computers, cars and tv, that is not always easy to arrange. Plus, as we age, we have less stamina, less balance and more need to sit.  The books by Joan Vernikos, "Sitting Kills, Moving Heals" and "Designed to Move" may inspire and assist.  A series of visits to a good physical therapist can help plenty.  

I wrote about getting physical therapy for my back here


And here


Rearranging my computer set-up and switching to a left-handed mouse can be a big help. Whichever side the mouse is on calls for a slightly different use of the back and arm muscles.  Switching sides gets a new use and a rest for the other side.

My health insurance company offers an app and online course to assist with back pain.  I find the most important single tool to be a heating pad in a recliner.  I used to rely on naproxen but recent evidence has turned up to that medicine and NSAIDS in general can take a toll on a man's hearing, especially if the medicine is taken regularly and the man is young.  Mine wasn't and I'm not but I have been practicing a good mood with some pain instead of medicine.

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