Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wonderful physical therapist

I have been having back pain.  It is localized in a single sore spot, just at the top of kidney pocket.  When it is bothering me, it hurts to raise the arm on that side, to turn or twist my body, even to breath deeply.  I had been to my chiropractor and was beginning to go to him more and more often.  The source or cause of the pain is quite mysterious.  Every now and then, when I have a body problem, I like to touch base with my main physician.  I found out that he was tied up for the next month but he offered an alternative doctor who had some appointment slots.  That man saw me and I told him right at the beginning that I didn't expect he would be able to do anything about this bothersome pain since other doctors had not been able to.  He checked me over and agreed that he did not know of anything I could do that I wasn't already doing.  At the end of the appointment, he asked me if I wanted to visit a physical therapist.  Again, I expressed doubt that such a visit would help since similar visits had not.  But, sure, I would like to just check.  OK, see E. at this time on this day. 

I did visit E.  She gently prodded me and poked me.  She asked me to twist and turn this way and that.  At the end, she went to her computer and printed out her selection of five exercises I should do, along with the number of repetitions to do of each.  I was aware that what she asked me to do did not hurt at the time and that I was not in pain as I left.  I went home and did the exercises.  They are quite simple and direct.  They are 

  1. the seal pose (but keeping the hips in total contact with the floor), 
  2. the child pose
  3. the bridge pose
  4. standing with hands on a counter and gently kicking backward the length of a foot with first one leg and then the other.  

Finally, as needed, run a tennis ball back and forth over the sore spot with my back rolling the ball around on a wall.  As prescribed, they take about 5 minutes total.  Bingo!  No pain.  As in zero, right away, more or less all day.

When I went to see her yesterday, I gave her a single red rose. 

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