Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Looking without seeing

A couple of months ago, I began making mistakes reading a schedule.  After several, I realized I was looking up things using part of my address that was correct about 25 years ago but not since.  I still don't know why I kept doing it wrong for a couple of weeks nor what made me snap out of the error.  

Yesterday, I was interested in two authors what I have read who explore ways that personal writing, honest direct composition can help people get straight about their feelings or fears or hopes.  I had had experience with books by both of the men.  One is James Pennebaker and the other is Timothy D. Wilson.  Both of them have written about writing to face one's actual feelings successfully and I have read them both with pleasure.  My trouble was every time I looked up Wilson, I kept using the name "Wright".  

I can tell you that there are many men named Timothy D. Wright and none of the ones I found were professors who have engaged in research on the use of personal written revelation and explanation to get a grasp on events or ideas that have been disturbing.  I knew I had read about these two exploring writing as a tool for getting oneself straight.  In fact, I knew I had read that Wright has done exercises where waiting a few days and then having people write for about 15 minutes about a highly trying event, such as being part of a crime or a fire and repeating that on the next two days was more healing and helpful than an official procedure of talking to a counselor.

One of the advantages of writing a short blog post over several years is that the writings can serve as a sort of history on thoughts and activities.  When I used the Search window in the top left of my main blog page

I realized it was mighty odd that I couldn't find my Timothy so I changed to using "writing", "expressive writing" and similar terms in the search.  Both of these men are inspiring and interesting writers: Timothy D. Wilson and James Pennebaker.  I knew for sure that they were not figments of my imagination. I am trying to be more observant about what I am doing.

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