Sunday, May 3, 2020

Lives of women and of men

Don't you think it is fascinating that the humans come in two varieties: male and female?  It is also interesting that we come from a physical blending of females and males and that we need a patient woman to carry us around until we are advanced enough to be born.  

If you are interested in peoples' minds and emotions, you might work in education as I did.  Especially in the education of younger children, we find much higher numbers of women teachers than men.  As a pre-student teacher, I received a report on my performance that included the idea that 3rd grade children generally do better with a woman teacher.  I assumed I wanted to be in psychology but I could afford the low cost of teachers college and that provided a good start in adult life.

I don't doubt that if some randomly chosen men were able to be pregnant as in the movie "Junior" starring Arnold Schwartzenegger and Emma Thompson, there would emerge skills and tendencies that occur naturally in more women that assist in being a mother and caring for a newborn.  

I have read research that says the two sexes have similar minds and tendencies and other research that says they don't.  In my everyday experience, there are steady and important differences, regardless of what science and books say.  It seems to me that most women have an internal prohibition against getting angry and both a natural and also a learned tendency to be nice.  I realize that I don't have the chance to get to know neither men nor women in great numbers.  Further, my interests are such that people with some tastes and experiences are much more likely to be my friends.  

In the matter of aggression and competition, there seems to be some differences that one can expect.  Men seem to move toward competition as a pastime more quickly and ardently.  Because of the attractiveness of a woman, men often act differently in the presence of a woman than women act toward that same woman.  I am not sure how much men in general respond to women more gently and politely than women tend to respond to that woman.  Some of these notions and implied questions may only be of interest to me and not to professional researchers.

The age of man or woman is clearly a big factor in lifestyle and activities. In thinking about life differences of men and women in the US, I found this article

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