Sunday, January 12, 2020

Attractive oldsters

Crawling around, over and in the female body is so exciting and elevating for many males that we come to think of such a body as the standard of human beauty.  As an older male, I often see women in their 70's that I think are quite attractive while at the same time finding many women who seem to be 20 or 30 too young, too self-conscious, and too raw to be really attractive.  Since many of them are mothers, I am confident they understand the birds and the bees and have already had experiences I never will.  

I have a friend whose last name means "beautiful" in a different language.  I asked if her husband was "beautiful". She turned to her grandson and asked him if his grandfather was beautiful.  The 10 yr old scoffed at the silly idea and ran off. Between my reactions and his, I can certainly see that who and what strikes us as beautiful changes over time and in different circumstances.  

We watched the episode of "The Crown" where Princess Margaret picks up a young male companion, in defiance of her marital status.  We get enough views of the man and his body to get some idea of the male form that the princess finds attractive. For sure, the whole business of dilly-dallying and flirting and charming and shying away, the whole business of defying marital difficulties and palace authorities and convention is far more than just body shape or physical availability.  

But as more people of both sexes live to greater age and in better health, I think we would be smart to see and appreciate who and what people are.  We can do better than merely mourn the passing of youth. We don't need to worship only taut skin and flat bellies. With some literary and poetic help, we can learn to see both female and male beauty in more varieties than just the ones that coincide with our in-born wiring that makes us notice who would likely be a source of healthy children.

I wish Rodin or his descendants would make another stature of an elderly woman who stands proudly and confidently displays her body shaped by many years, adventures and experiences.

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