Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hitting the floor running

When you are 80 years old and retired, you lead a quiet, relaxed life, right?  Ha! Some days, we are pressured by time. On those days, we have a reason to set an alarm clock and jump into action when it goes off.  Normally, we wake up on our own, usually before 7 and typically about 6 AM. But on time-sensitive days, we don't risk sleeping late.

Our housecleaner gets here by 7 AM.  She is fast and efficient and is done in 2 ½ hours.  We have trash and recycling pickup once a week but Christmas and other holidays can interfere with the usual schedule.  Today, we had to scramble to get the trash bin, the recycling bin and a car in proper position before we get blocked by the cleaner.  None of the events are a super big deal and we could handle any modification to our intended schedule or interruption. But if we do need to take a car somewhere, it is handy to have an arrangement of vehicles that doesn't result in our being parked in.  

By 7 AM, the coffee is made, the cars moved to accommodate the cleaner's car, both trash bins walked down the icy driveway and stationed on the edge of the street, the shades up and the blog posts sent out.  We have the winter coats hung up and our various power strips and cords out of the way of the vacuum cleaner.

This particular Monday, Lynn had an appointment to walk with a friend and discuss her trip to Cuba.  This afternoon, her knitting group is assembling at our house for chatter and wool work. It is good to have a calendar to keep our events and commitments straight.  There are events most days that we need to be ready for.

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