Thursday, January 2, 2020

My current exercise

I am into my ninth decade of life which means some people would say I am old.  Being old is tricky, just like the other ages. Exercise helps keep up strength, balance and endurance but overdoing it might be fatal.  I am not too worried about leaving life but my wife wants me around and I enjoy daily living. So, no, I am not ready to die. I realize that being ready is probably a small part of the story but I think it still matters.  

I find that some exercise helps me enjoy better sleep and after exercising, feel all young and strong, however much that is an illusion.  Dr. Joan Vernikos has books about the value of not spending too much time sitting. I can use my computer and read and eat and many things without sitting but I spend lots of time sitting, despite her advice.  Not long ago, my back started hurting in the way it has off and on for 7 or 8 years. The problem is periodic but mysterious. I find sitting with a heating pad on my back helps but I have never been able to get to the exact answer about cause.

I feel it only makes sense to check with a physical therapist from time to time so the last time, I was having trouble with my back, I saw a therapist.  She was a young, energetic babe in skintight clothes, which helped me pay strict attention. The problem was mild enough that I only attended a few sessions with her before she could see I didn't need further sessions. 

But before we ended, she showed me the monster walk (post about that on Nov. 16, this past year - see archive listing on the blog web page at and she told me to sit on a gigantic exercise ball.  While sitting, raise one foot slowly, replace it, do the other, all the while tensing the abdominal muscles and releasing after each lift, separately. I didn't have a giant exercise ball but Amazon took care of that problem. Now, I use the stationary bike for 4 minutes with two 20-second dashes, a yoga mat with cat and cow spine moves, 10 cobras, 10 yoga bridges.  I do the monster walk and the ball clenches so you might think I am in my 40's now.

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