Monday, January 6, 2020

contacting him

We could go to his house but he is away now.  We called him but he didn't answer. We could send his phone a text message but that phone doesn't accept texts.  We could send him an email but he never looks at his email. If we mail him a notice, we need to get his mailing address.  I could write a message and post it in my blog but that will take a long time and he still might not see it. Can we send him a telegram that will be delivered to his house? What about if we contact his neighbor and ask that our message be relayed?  He does have a smartphone but he doesn't keep it charged and it is usually set on 'Silent' so he doesn't know when he gets a call. In this day and age of communication possibilities, there ought to be a way we can tell him he inherited Uncle John's ranch but we will just have to keep trying.  He gets too many messages and he is trying to cut down on the time he spends dealing with both important and frivolous communications. He has gotten into scams a couple of times and he doesn't want that again.

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