Friday, June 8, 2018


The news from Think with Google for the last couple of years has been consistently about the big change from computers, desktop or laptop, to cellphones.  Google has also consistently urged businesses to examine their websites through cellphones to see how they look and operate.

The first iPhone came out for purchase in 2007.  So, there has been about a decade for people to try carrying around a surprisingly powerful micrcomputer in their pocket or purse.  The apps make a smartphone smart and to give an idea of the popularity of the smartphone apps, consider the fact that in the first weekend they were available, ten MILLION apps were downloaded.

I am something of a curmudgeon, a cheapskate, and a foot dragger.  Fear of a car breakdown got us thinking about the desirability of a cellphone and we each got one five or so years before the iPhone.  My pockets are generally big enough for a flip phone but not a smartphone. I have been carrying a Tracfone for about ten years and am quite pleased with it.  I rarely make a cellphone call and my service days and minutes last a long time. I spend about $100 a year on my cellphone as opposed to Lynn's bill for about $100 a month.

I use my computer for several hours a day and I can imagine a person might assume that having a powerful machine available at any time or place would be fine.  Not so for me. I enjoy not using a computer and not being connected to the rest of the world. If a new invention would overcome the space and capacity limits and enable me to carry around complete access to my wardrobe, our china closets, our pantry and refrigerator, our books, the contents of our basement, tool shed and attic, that would be a burden, not an asset.  It would create more distractions and that I don't need.

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