Friday, June 22, 2018

A place

Yesterday, I read a good article by Adam Rogers (@jetjocko on Twitter) called "Big Tech Isn't the Problem, It's All of Us".  The problem he is talking about is homelessness.

It happens that tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of our moving into this house, built for us by our amazing son-in-law.  The man is great with kids, adults, materials, ideas and skills. Recently, Lynn made a list of all the places she has lived since she was born.  Both of us moved fairly often as children and both of us have lived in 20 different places during our lives.

When we have traveled to Seattle and San Francisco, the homeless population was noticeable.  Adam Rogers says in the article linked above that the laws on building, and the political and administrative authorities like cities and towns guided by those laws, differ on the East and West coasts, a difference that contributes to the problem.  Of course, the sort of weather a place experiences matters, too.

Our small city has a building that shelters people in trouble, but before that got started, we heard from the police department, that the dugouts on the baseball diamonds at a high school was the best place for police to leave homeless people.  Since our winters often have below zero degree temperatures in the day and colder at night, shelter can be a life or death matter.

Rogers relates that many politicians such as mayors, experience the combined will, laws and zoning regulations, practices, and pricing that constitute in aggregate the forces that produce homelessness in our country.  Some have even quit their jobs in frustration as "not in my backyard politics" make problems that many people know how to fix.

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