Monday, June 19, 2017

Terms that reveal

I am interested in the terms that emerge in our modern days, especially in relation to communication by computers and smartphones on the web.  I think it is wise to try to stay familiar with some of the basics of marketing since we are all the subject of marketing and ads.  I tend to think of ads as bothersome and intrusive until they are ads for my stuff.  Then, I think of them as important messages that deserve attention and respect.

I used this web site

as well as the book "Data for the People" by Andreas Weigend.  I also used my general knowledge.

Screen time - without too much fussing and thinking, we tend to know what a screen is, whether it is on a tv set, a computer monitor or a phone.  Since we note when a person is looking at us and when they are looking at a screen, screen time is an important activity these days.

Link farms - SEO or search engine optimization is the problem and practice of taking steps to have one's web site and thus opinion or product emerge in the first few search results.  Ex: name the company Amazon or Apple so that it begins with an A. Link farms can arrange for my web page to be linked to many others, which is sometimes taken as an indication of the popularity of my page.

Dwell time - How long a person stays on a web page before clicking off to other things

Tofu, Mofu, Bofu - Think of you and me as beads being funneled into the ad site.  At first we are Tofu, or Top of the Funnel, then Mofu or Middle of the funnel and finally Bofu when we click on the Buy button at the bottom of the funnel.

Bounce rate - % of site visitors that leave a web page without clicking on anything on it

Dayparting and related approaches - I am accustomed to sales that last a day or a week.  The web allows sellers to offer something for the next hour or the next five minutes at a special price.  The day can be parted or segmented to arrange for special prices temporarily.

I am interested in the application of these terms and approaches to schooling and learning.  I suspect that there would be many outrages and failures but there would probably be some positive results, too.

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