Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dance your PhD

If you have written a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation, you know that what it is about and what it actually says and what it shows about the world or the field or your hypothesis is difficult to convey to the general public.  Did your mother read the paper?  Did your grandmother understand the basic idea? Was Uncle Harry at all interested?

I had heard of the contest "Dance your PhD" before but Lynn commented on the ads she saw online to get involved in the contest.  Her dissertation is entitled "A Reader Response Analysis of Hypermedia".  She doesn't currently plan to dance to it but she is a good dancer and I want to be there when she does.  My dissertation is entitled "An Application of Decision Theory to Education".  I think I am an ok dancer but I believe I would do better to sing a song or bake something that explains my paper. 

If you are a PhD student now or have written a dissertation, here is a link to the Google Search results for "dance your PhD", sponsored by the American Association of Advancement of Science, Science magazine and HighWire Press.  The contest has run every year since 2007 and there are YouTube videos of the results, with links at the bottom of this page.

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