Thursday, June 15, 2017

Super and ever so thankful

We are a nation that loves superlatives: the greatest, the fastest, the most this and the least that.  So, some of our best known politicians have catered to our desire for excitement and boasted they have the best answers, the most exciting agenda and so forth.  These days, before we are informed how great they art, we have waves of thanks:

Thank you for paying attention to me

And also to my party

And, yes, thank you for supporting me with your wallet.  

And thank you very much for being here today.  


Don't forget to tell your dad and your lovely mom how thankful we are that that you were born and nurtured so lovingly, so nourishingly.  We thank your teachers and coaches, your priests and rabbis and imans for the guidance and astute assessments they gave you over the years.


We realize that you wouldn't be the sheep sharp citizens that you are without the contributions of love, support and good cooking that brought you here today.  The roads, paid for by the citizens of our great country, have made a contribution to your ability to drive to this gathering, as did the car makers, tire makers and gasoline refineries that have furnished you with transportation.  


We are thankful for the veterans who served to defend our shores and borders.  Will those of you here who are veterans please stand?... Let's give these fine people a round of applause while we remember those fallen who could not be here.


Well, I see that I am out of time and I cannot tell you about the wonderful new health plan I am ready to launch but trust me, please.  You really should trust me that the plans I am hatching for the schools, banks, and other aspects of our country, the good ol' Red, White and Blue, will be the greatest, the fairest, the most astounding ever seen on these shores.

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