Monday, June 26, 2017

Communication and memory

"Yesterday, you told me to always look left. I have been practicing looking left and I am getting pretty good at it.  But now you are saying I should look right."


"I don't remember telling you to always look left.  I don't think I did."


"You did!  You really did.  Oh, I just wish I had a recording of you saying that."


"Knowing how passionate you are about being right, I wouldn't be surprised if you edited snippets until you had a passable recording of my saying what I never said."


"So, despite how close we are, you might not even be persuaded by a recording?"


"Ok, here's a proof.  You like chocolate and I like chocolate.  So, you advised me to always look left!  Q.E.D."


"Just because you call it a proof and say things like 'Q.E.D.' doesn't make it a proof.  That's no proof.  I am not persuaded I told you that."


"Told me what?"


"I don't remember.  Whatever it was that you said I told you. Oh, wait.  I remember now that Henry was with us when I told you.  Just ask him."


"Henry, did he tell me that?"


"Oh, so now you believe what Henry says but not me."



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