Thursday, June 29, 2017

New, worse model!

You have probably noticed that we are living in a digital time in a digital area. You can pay bills online and have books and magazines delivered through the air.  Not everyone on earth has a digital connection and many who do, don't like it, don't understand it and don't use it.  Still, digital is one branch of automation, automatic and speedy.  Well, somewhat speedy.  


Digital depends on the set of directions a machine or a group of them uses. Directions can be changed.  Improved, even.  But, darn it!  I have been using the machine running on the old directions and did just fine.  Who cares if millions had trouble, if the page showed out-of-date hair styles or now retired super athletes?  But you know how it is.  The assistant manager was told to gather a team of young, energetic, hotshot coders and come up with a new and improved set of directions.  Of course, you know what happened.  The manager told the assistant to revise and improve, well, at least revise because the director told the manager to shake things up a bit.  The director had lunch with a couple of the board members who are friends with two of the major investors who aren't happy with the stock's performance.


So, just for fun, the web page that loads so well on computers and pretty well on 50% of the smartphones has been shaken up!  First, the team tried beginning the text in the lower right corner of the file and reversing it from right to left but that was tame potatoes!  We are Americans and it is almost the 4th of July, Independence Day!  [I am almost out of exclamation marks so I have to wind this up soon.]  We have settled on just putting all the letters and pictures and sounds in a virtual bag and left it to you to arrange them into our message.  It's a puzzle! It'll be funE


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