Friday, June 23, 2017

Sideways Dictionary (via the Scout Report)

Sideways Dictionary:

What is metadata? When people discuss net neutrality, what do they mean? What do people do during a hackathon? As technology continues to grow so does technology related vocabulary. <i>The Washington Post</i> and Jigsaw (a tech company that works at the intersection of technology and geopolitical concerns) have teamed up to create the Sideways Dictionary. This dictionary explains technology-related vocabulary terms by employing multiple analogies to help make these terms comprehensible to everyone, regardless of previous technology background. For example, a firewall is explained by the following analogy: "It's like a nightclub bouncer who decides who's going in and out. From time to time, the guest list may change, but the bouncer is always the one who enforces it."  Users are invited to submit their own analogies and upvote or downvote existing analogies. Each entry also links to definitions of similar words, helping visitors build their tech vocabulary. [MMB]

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