Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Several that will enrich you

I recently posted the TED talks summary I got this past weekend.  I saw that an extra large number of people looked at that posting, even though it took an extra click or two to get to it.  


I am interested in sharing what I think is interesting or inspiring stuff.  There is a great deal that is these days.  We tend to stream "Bones", "Dicte" and "Gracie and Frankie" from Netflix in the evenning and then spend the last hour of the evening (9 to 10) with Lynn doing a jigsaw puzzle and me reading aloud.  Thanks to Mary Jo and Kathy for the recommendation of "A Gentleman in Moscow", a very unusual and worthwhile read.  Mary Jo said of the book that every sentence is beautifully written and I agree on just about every other sentence.  We start TV at about 7 or 7:30 and the timing and length of the programs we watch can leave tidbits of time on our hands.  TED talks has its own streaming channel as well as its own website.  The talks are often great for fitting into a 10 or 15 minute period between other things.  We watched these three lately and I say each is worth a prize by itself.


Sharon Terry is a mom and a chaplain and gives a talk that is just about perfect in delivery and content:



Matthew O'Reilly has a memorable and masculine personality to go along with being an Emergency Medical Technician in New York City.  You will be glad you spent a little time with him.



Katrina Spade has an upbeat message about how to arrange things at your death:


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