Wednesday, January 27, 2016

When will you believe me?

I received an email from a friend stating that she was stranded in the Ukraine.  Could I send her $2500 to tide her over?  Or, any amount I can afford?  She is a worldly person and might be in the Ukraine or anywhere else but I thank my suspicions.  So did she and she thought her email provider did a good job fighting off the hacker who tried to bilk her friends.

I guess more providers are instituting two step verification where to sign on, you put in a password but you aren't on until you send back a code the provider sends to your phone or other contact.

There is a question in philosophy that often revolves around an axe.  My grandfather gave me his old axe.  I liked it and heated my house with the wood I split using the axe but eventually I had to replace the handle.  Later, the axe head was so nicked and old that I had to replace the head.  The question is "Is the current axe still my grandfather's axe?"

An older well known statement is "You can't step into the same river twice".  After the first dunking, the water flowed on and the next step will not be into the same water.

How recently do ID pictures have to have been taken?

I ask you to recall that we went to Mapletown High School together.  You say that many people went there and you aren't convinced I am still the same person I say I am.

I doubt if it will help but I could try the Nasruddin the Fool movement of looking at my reflection in the mirror and stating "Yep, that's me, all right."

I could ask my hospital to analyze my blood and show that the DNA matches what is known about my blood.

I could recite various items in my history.  Maybe only I would know them.  Maybe the list of facts will suggest other records or witnesses that you accept as identifying me.

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