Sunday, January 31, 2016

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A large collection of books, clothes hanging the closet and folded in bureau drawers, the tools downstairs, Kindle books available on Amazon, PEW religious headlines of the day - a collection of items is a bit of a challenge.  What is here?  What do I want?  Where is it?

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When we have a goal, we need some sort of guide or map.  Where are books by Ian Rankin?  When we don't have a goal, things are more diffuse.  How is the statistics section?  Anything good there?  What about books on baking and wine making?

It is easy for me to forget that either locating an item or deciding on an item, I want some sort of information quickly, a title or a sectional name like Nature or History.  Sometimes the title is an attempt to capture the book: "The Story of a Counterfeiter Who Evaded Capture."  Sometimes the title is an attempt to capture me: "Unforgettable Tales of Heroes in the American Revolution".  

In just the Amazon Kindle store, there are over 1200 items about headlines.  The reporter and the editor who work on the story of the horrible fire create a headline.  It will be listed among many other headlines.  Maybe it will be written to convey the gist of the story, that several people escaped injury , or it can be written to tease and draw, "Deaths narrowly avoided by heroic actions".

I have heard that men shoppers tend to be more focused on an item they have decided they want before they enter the store.  I have a pretty good relation with myself, my tastes and my recent foods, books, movies, etc.  My memory may supply the name of an author to track down or a subject I have been wanting to read.  Psychologists say that humans are prejudiced against being in a state of uncertainty so that may be why I speedily focus on a book, an author or a subject.  It is not just in books, either.  I tend to recall that I haven't had fish lately and then buy some, regardless of whether there is a sale on steak or not.

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