Saturday, January 30, 2016


A friend accuses me of over-optimism, even pathetic, childish glossing over the vicissitudes of life.  A person my age, especially a man, is expected to be growling and snarling and I am not fulfilling her expectations.  I don't usually care much for expectations, having more of a "you never know" philosophy about the unfolding of the future.  But she is smart and so I am reconsidering happy, multi-colored thoughts.  

Another friend has dropped hints that I could refer to meditation and mindfulness a little less often.

Let's take rosiness first.  Around here, it is white, not rosy, the time of year, as Garrison Keillor says, that nature tries to kill us.  Here in this country, we are in the midst of round 97 of the clown convention of both sides, egging us to vote for their plan.  What's to be upbeat about that?  Our friends in the media keep pestering us to worry about issues and locations we haven't thought of when we already have enough trouble getting our taxes in.  It is clear that things are not like when I was a kid, as far as I can remember those conditions.  Things were great then, but now?  Nooooooooo. Fears and disagreements and plots and slacking off everywhere.  It's hard to say how bad things will get.  Before they get even worse, that is.  I just don't know if things have ever been this bad before.

Meditation?  Who needs it?  It just leads to more timidness and more tangled thinking about what if and who if and when if.  A big swill of booze is the ticket.  More sugar and more cookies will help more than being aware of our thoughts.

It is weak and sinful to laze about.  Should be dusting more, especially during this time of closed windows and furnaces running all the time.  Should be watching the markets more diligently.  How about an oil change?  Just how long have you needed one?  And, when was the last time we were in the gym?  Just thinking about those machines won't do it, you know.

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