Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NEA president gives overview of teaching

I never thought about salaries, which is unwise since living is expensive.  Smarter guys, with more helicopter-ish parents, were advised into hedge fund management.  I was interested in what appealed and what appeals to me is the right sort of variety.  I could afford my college and my college gave the most choice of studies to elementary education majors.  The more I experienced teaching 5th grade, the more I liked it.  Later, I found (as I aged, too) that teaching college, graduates and elders was surprisingly similar.

I did run into questions of strategy and effects and results, which led to an interest in educational research.  That type of research has its own framework and its own problems.  Methodical, school-based education involves more children than a couple cares to make, these days.  They come to school from non-standardized homes with different moms and dads, different brothers and sisters, different levels of income, varying levels of permissiveness and duties supported by varying levels of material support (paper, pencils and pens, computers, and tablets, cellphones, pets, foods, space to sleep, study, exercise and talk).  

Lynn helpfully showed me this minute and a half video of the president of the National Education Association explaining what teachers do in schools.  It's great and it is an honest description of teaching:

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