Saturday, January 23, 2016

Body positions

I have written about the body several times but not so much about how we arrange the body.  As a guy who, as they say, tends to "live in his head", I have found that it is helpful and grounding to practice body awareness.  Focusing on my breathing, even consciously breathing slowly and deeply and smoothly, helps get me out of a bad mood, out of a worry or anything else I am focused on.  

It is not news that we live in such a way that we spend many hours sitting.  We sit to eat, to read, to watch television.  We visit each other and then have a seat. If you go to a friend's house for a party, you may be able to stand the whole time if you want.  But if people are mostly seated, you or they or both will be uncomfortable if you stand.  Even if you explain that it is painful to sit just now or that the doctor advised you to sit down less, you will probably have to repeat yourself in a few minutes.  

If you go to a meeting or an interview, all present will probably be seated.

It is also not news that social activities often include eating at the same time and place.  We gather for meals.  We meet for lunch.  We go out together to eat, sitting down.  When we "eat together", we usually eat different food, served on separate plates.  So, the essence is that between the time of my first bite and the time of my last swallow, you take bites of your food.  We call that "eating together" and if one of us is fasting or hates this sort of food or is medically unable to eat now - if anything interferes with our "eating together", it puts a little different slant on the occasion, maybe a little stress, maybe a little damper.  It is a little less complete or friendly or social, a little less of a celebration or a serious meeting.

If one of us needs to stand and one of us needs to sit, one or both of us may apologize.  We may explain the need for the difference in body position.

Seems funny but that's us.

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