Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wish I could whistle

Our leader is a peppy woman with knowledge and dignity.  So, I was surprised when she got our attention after a break with an ear-splitting whistle.  You wouldn't think a nice girl like her would know how to whistle like that.

It's another failure reminder.  Durn it, I want to whistle like that.  There are basically two ways: using fingers and no fingers.  I have read books and web pages and I have tried often.  I have re-read instructions and practiced when driving alone.  I can't make any good whistle.  I sure hope I don't expire before reaching my goal of having a really loud whistle.  I don't really need one but I want it, still.

It is similar to my other sound problem: trilling my r's.  Good Spanish speakers and opera singers can make that initial r at the beginning of "rope" into "rrrrrrrrrrrope".  Lynn can make that sound all day if she wants to.  Again, I try and try but nothing.  I am afraid I am going to be scorned in Sicily and ridiculed in Rome but to same my soul, I can't make that sound.  Lynn says I have to relax my tongue.  I have it relaxed enough to slobber but still nothing Latin comes out.

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