Sunday, January 31, 2010

trying a little heavier fare

We can't find much on tv to enjoy.  We have watched tons of CSI and Law and Order.  Lately, we got interested in NCSI.

One of our friends has a principal that when the characters start falling in love, the show is in decline.  NCSI has character interaction but only sexual tension and charge, But there are limits to the number of bloody murders and DNA analyses we can pay attention to.  The other night, Lynn suggested we switch to PBS to continue watching something she has started: "This Emotional Life."  

Stiff?  Heavy?  Schoolish?  Boring?  No way!

Within three minutes, I felt a surge of sympathy, curiosity and interest I hadn't experienced for a long time.  Sometimes, a little depth, a little weight is extremely refreshing and engaging.

A good story has a charm and timeless interest but nonfiction can engage history, culture, science, religion: the whole world.  Whether it is tv or movies or books, purposely entering a little deeper water can be profoundly rejuvenating.

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