Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to have some fun

Plan a trip.  Notice all the little objects you use during the days before and make a list of them.  A day or two before the trip, run down the list and put each item in a bag.  A cloth laundry bag is good since it can be closed and you won't lose anything.  Massage the bag gently to give everything a good jumble.  Then, while on the trip, try to find your cell phone, your keys, your address book or whatever.  It is hilarious to suddenly realize you need an item and that you again will have to scramble through the bag to find it, especially for the 10th or 20th item.

For even more fun, take enough stuff that you require several bags of things.  A few beach bags that must be kept upright to avoid spilling your stuff into little cracks between other bags and things in the trunk will add to the good times.  Eventually, Gandhi and his simple life without extra gadgets will come to mind as an ideal.  Fugetabout it!  You are no Gandhi and you need your lip ice, your gum, the remote for your car and your coin purse.  Using this method of bags and search, you will not have time to worry about the weather or remark on the expense of the whole adventure.  You will just be doggedly searching for your keys.

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