Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The first time I heard of a "whisperer", the reference was to a trainer of horses.  I learned that most horses in the past have been "broken", that is exhausted while wearing a saddle and carrying a rider to the point of acceptance.  The horse whisperer had a different approach: gentle nudging and soft speaking, whispering, even.  That approach was supposed to be less damaging and traumatizing.

Then, I saw a DVD or something about how to be a baby whisperer.  Every adult wants to somehow communicate with a newborn that life is good and eating or taking a bottle or a bath is not something to be afraid of.  Some people seem to have a knack for projecting calm acceptance of life and enjoying it.  They can often get a nervous infant or frightened child to see that some new horror is not a horror at all but actually a good thing, a further enrichment of life.

Then, I saw the amazing dog whisperer on the National Geographic channel, Cesar Millan.  I watch in fascination as he skillfully and quietly changes an unsociable dog that has been misbehaving for years into a civilized and happy animal and does it in MINUTES!  His knowledge of dog psychology is wonderful to behold and impossible to grasp.

Now, I learn of an expert who is the "database whisperer" for a large organization.  I immediately understand that the expert is the "go-to" person when others simply cannot get the damned database to do what is needed.  A full-sized database is a wonder and a mystery.  It can coordinate inputs and outputs from many different locations so that users get the latest information on inventory or funds or whatever.

If I grow up, I want to be a whisperer but I am not sure what kind yet.

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