Thursday, January 21, 2010


We are pay for a gizmo that fits into the USB port and connects to the internet.  Sounds neat and it is a little bit.  But I am so addicted to the net that I use it to look up how the weather is where I am instead of looking out the window.  True, one needs to know what is going to happen in an hour if possible and what it will be like 100 miles down the road.  But truthfully, no one knows.  Especially when you are trying to distinguish rain from freezing rain, very slight changes can switch things from fine to deadly and back again in a flash.  Today's travel showed me how much a little courage and common sense can do.   When I add to that the power of dollar hunger, the urge to make communications on tv or a web site exciting instead of informative, I see that our modern technology has a long way to go.

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