Saturday, January 9, 2010

Glory be

Glory be to our mother and our daughter

Feminist scholars are a new thing on the earth.  I guess men mostly ignored all the spiritual and intellectual things women did for themselves, their mates and their families while the men may concentrated on getting out of the cave, paling around together, finding and killing animals and magnanimously doling out the meat.  Then, as time went on and writing and scholarship began to develop importance, they muscled the women aside.  It wasn't fair and it wasn't smart and feminist scholars in all disciplines are helping us realize that.  In spades.

As Lynn gathered music for her first playlist, she included Bobbie McFerrin's The 23rd Psalm.  The piece can be sampled with the link in the title above.  He sings the famous psalm with only feminine pronouns and references and ends with a doxology that also uses feminine references only.

When people have protested that the King James Bible and many legal documents have served well with only masculine reference, feminist scholars have said that is not true.  They said that using only masculine references subtly tells girls that they are not suited for many things, that the world barely recognizes them and hasn't considered them important. 

We come from females into this world.  If you are a typical male, you may be cocky (!) and proud of yourself or try to be.  Still, we only need a male contribution for a few minutes while we tend to want our mommies our entire lives to get to be a human. 

Glory be to our mothers and our daughters!  And wives!

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