Wednesday, January 13, 2010

moving movies

My friend mentioned that he really like "The Mission".  I did, too, and I found it to be memorable in an etched-in-the-mind sort of way.

His comment made me think about movies.  Since I was a kid, I have been moved, enchanted, scared and emboldened by movies.  What a great art form!  Lots better than murals.  The two movies I have seen the most times are "In the Spirit" starring Marlo Thomas and Elaine May and "The Russians Are Coming!  The Russians Are Coming!".  "Spirit" is about a flaky babe and a sensible woman thrown together against bad guys.  Clever from top to bottom.   The movie was written by Elaine May's daughter and she sure knows how to make you laugh.

"Russians" is about a Russian sub required by its captain to get closer and closer to the North American shore.  The captain wants to see America.  He's never seen it.  The sub get hung on a sandbar and the crew needs help to get it loose.  This is during the Cold War when being a uninvited member of the Russian military on American soil is numbingly dangerous.  It may not sound like it but this is a comedy, written by Carl Reiner, the father of Rob Reiner, Archie Bunker's "Meathead".  The script is unmatched in evoking sympathy for all the uptight and fearful people on both sides.

Here is a link to a list of movies we have liked over the years.  Besides the ones I just mentioned, I would say that "Ruthless People", "Cold Comfort Farm"and "My Cousin Vinny" are among the best I've seen.  Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for her role in Vinny.  Most people haven't heard of "Cold Comfort Farm" but they should have.  Both Ruthless and Vinny were written by Dale Launer.  I am not a great film buff but some movies move me, for sure.

What has stayed with you over the years?

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