Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Direct quick Googles

I am interested in quick and direct services available in Google search.  Like this:

  1. Flip a coin

  2. Calculate body mass index

  3. Change dollars to euros

  4. Give local time at stated locations

Try it.  Just open a Google search page on a phone, computer or tablet and and type "flip a coin".  I am confident that information is available on the honesty of the flips.

As is often the case with Google searches, the wording can matter very much. It seems that one simply has to try different wording and see what works.  I tried "What can Google do directly other than flip a coin…?" and the result was poor. My wording was too long and complex.

I switched to "What can Google do?"  I already knew about what is listed above. I found several great items here


I forgot about the timer but I have already used it.  "Set a timer for 1 minute" or other times. There are other articles on odd, silly, funny or imaginative things Google can do immediately.

This too


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