Friday, April 20, 2018

She is very muscular

These days you can get fat suits that inflate to make the wearer look quite overweight.  You can also get muscle suits that make the wearer look very muscular. A well-shaped woman is a treasure and a power and an influence, but a well-shaped man matters, too.  Many of the comic superheroes are men and they all seem to have very developed physiques. It seems that a well-developed physique for a man involves the deltoid muscles at the top of the arm, the biceps, the pectoral muscles and the famous six-pack abdominal muscles.

Usually, a woman will not develop those muscles in the way a muscle-building man can.  In fact, women often stay away from anything that seems likely to build their muscles overly or likely to make them look masculine.  Truth be told, the most shocking developed male sets of muscles are definitely beyond most men. I have had a pretty good shape at times but I never approached the sort of build Mr. Universe or Arnold had.  I felt sure that I didn't have the height, the weight, or the interest to work, and maybe take drugs, to have really standout muscles.

The film "Black Panther" has gotten strong publicity lately.  It has attracted viewers on every continent. Saudi Arabia has forbidden movie houses for several decades but just decided to allow movies again. The first movie to be shown in this new era is the "Black Panther." This morning on Good Morning America, I saw some young Black girls wearing Black Panther superhero costumes that give the wearer the look of a superhero male physique.  I don't normally look at tv but I am glad I didn't miss the sight. I didn't know that a ten year old girl with fake Arnold's muscles would grab my attention so immediately.

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