Saturday, August 26, 2017

Never seen before, never felt before

I like to look for little miracles, honest things I don't usually take time to appreciate.

Eating a banana, I break off a piece and look at the cross section.  No eye has ever looked at that particular sight before.  The banana has its own symmetric beauty.  I realize it is quite like many other bananas I have seen, you have seen, but in its own individual way, it is new.

It is indeed unique.  It is getting to be ok to use degrees of uniqueness but I don't like that.  We have degrees of all sorts of things.  I want to avoid degreeing "unique".  That particular sight, the banana cross section is not MORE unique than the one I saw before.  It is unique, not more so, not uniquest.  There is only the one banana just like that and only the one view of its cross section at that point.

Sometimes, people get interested in mirrors, duplicate universes, doppelgangers.  There may be another banana that is indistinguishable from this one in all ways: taste, color, etc.  I doubt it but even if there is, it is not right here in front of me, right at this time.

There seems to be a high probability that this message is not going to light up your life.  You may feel unexcited by my having a special view of that never-before-glimpsed part of a banana that has now been completely eaten.  But like the new, never previously observed bit of fruit, that feeling of a little excitement, or of ho-hum lack of interest, like the fruit itself, is unique.  That feeling at that time in your special head has never existed before, ever.  Ever!

Sure you have had similar feelings before.  Some of my other exciting blog posts have turned you on, or turned you off, in a similar way.  But right now, just at this moment in the history of the universe, you are having a moment of excitement or boredom or banana appreciation that neither you nor anyone else has ever had before and will never have exactly, precisely again.  Enjoy!

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