Monday, August 28, 2017

Two interesting blowhards

Oh, yes, we have had blowhards around for centuries.  They are not just a recent bunch.  I admit that my blowhard could be your hero.  I guess a blowhard tends to be male.  Sure, a stunning body coupled with a stunning face in a stunning dress may induce a bit of bragging but in general it seems to be a male strategy to boast.  Wealth, power in both physical and social forms, unlimited confidence, perhaps joined to limited sensitivity, are often hallmarks of a male blowhard.

You can put a "Y" into your browser, maybe a "Yo" and get a link to YouTube if you don't already have a bookmark link to it.  Once there, you can find The Elixir (medicine) of Love, an opera by the prolific composer Gaetano Donizetti, written in 1832.  You can see a full production on YouTube.  It is based on one of those stories, a young man is deeply taken by a village beauty but he doesn't impress her and he has limited means.  He is offered a chance to purchase a powerful elixir of love, guaranteed or your money back !, to make the babe fall in love with him after just one sip.  

Enter Blowhard #1, Sergeant Bellcore.  Good-looking, brash, the sarge helps us by pointing out that a) he is easy on the eyes and b) "what's more, I'm a sergeant".  As he eyes the village babe, he admits "I can feel your passion growing stronger."  Our hero, Nemorino, can see that Adina is interested in the show-off and is of course dejected by this turn of events.

Yay!  Blowhard #2 shows up.  Dottore Ducamara explains that he is famous and valued throughout the "universe and other places", in part because of his powerful elixir, guaranteed or your money back!, which cures all ills and induces deep and lasting love for the first person met after just a little taste.  Nemorino has no funds but is informed that were he to enlist in Bellcore's troop, his meager pay would just cover the cost of the juice.  

I won't spoil the ending for you but I will admit you won't be disappointed.  If you are looking for models of blowhards, these two, one military and shiny and the other, scientific and knowledgeable, might do.

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