Friday, August 4, 2017

Want this?

The juice is good but I don't mean that.  I mean the cap.  It could be rolled in clay to make a nice pattern.  

It can be a pain but the more we learn about each other, the more we can understand that different people see differently.  I see now that I took the picture on a slant and the table looks as though it is not level.  You may be worried that the bottle will slide and fall to the floor.  You may be thirsty.  He may see a sweet juice that he feels ought to be replaced by actual, whole fruit.  The grocer or his family may wonder why we didn't buy his brand of red juice while another may be glad we did.

It definitely NOT all in the eye of the beholder but which beholder can matter very much.  It can also matter when and where we view something.  There is a famous experiment where we ask people to watch some basketball players and count the number of passes they make back and forth.  The video is a famous piece of attention research.  Give it a try.

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