Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New computer

My computer has been misbehaving lately. I am not sure what makes it simply stop responding. It often says I am not connected to the internet when I am. It seems to be some sort of clogged up. I click on a different open web page and totally zero happens.

So, today, a new computer arrived. The old one is an Asus and the new one is an Acer. Both are Asian laptops and both have high ratings for the products. Of course, I had the old one plugged in and working all day long and it behaved perfectly.

I like to use Gmail, Google Docs and Sheets (like Word and Excel), and Google Voice for texting from the computer to people's phones. The nice thing about Google stuff is that it all uses one logon and password and it is all available on any computer connected to the internet. That means that after downloading Chrome, Google's browser and Firefox, a non-profit browser not part of any of the big computing companies, I am more or less ready to go.

Quite a few of my friends have a Gmail address (which you give yourself for free) but they don't realize that it opens the door to all the services I mentioned above plus Google Earth, famous for detailed pictures of all parts of the planet, and Google Photos, which can upload all iPhone and other smart phone and tablet pictures, allow editing of any and all and store a large number for free.

I have tried my Mac, Chromebook and Windows but I still prefer a mouse and Windows to the other systems. I have a 2010 of Office and I use Excel, Word and Outlook. Excel is my main spreadsheet although the free Google Sheets is a good alternative. Word is still the most convenient of the programs I have tried to read my typing back to me, to see if it sounds right and Outlook is both our mutual calendar and my connection to my former university employer.

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