Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gals and guys

This is a time of change in many things.  For one, people of one sex are changing physically and mentally to the other one.  


At one time, I heard more than one engaged couple firmly state that they were going to be sure their boy children avoided play with toy guns.  There has been strong speculation in the past that boys are the way they are and girls have their ways only because of the family and surrounding society.  I don't think so.  Not that I deny some associations with one sex or the other are social and artificial.  Pink for girls and blue for boys could probably be successfully changed to spring green for girls and red for boys.  


Back in the mid 1960's, I read research that said crawling boy babies tended to cover nine times the floor area covered by girl babies.  One study seated a mom near her baby and then a gate was closed between them.  I remember a photo of a boy who objected to the separation wedging his shoulder between the end of the gate and the wall, struggling to break it down.


I have read that it seems that female humans are built to be more sensitive to the emotions and needs of others since they may have to intuit why an inarticulate baby is crying.  I often hear women laugh at men's overfocus on sex and coupling but they can forget that when conception occurs, nine months of body change are beginning for the mom while the dad continues to watch sports.  


A couple of weeks ago, I talked to a very intelligent woman PhD who felt down because others around her let her know they didn't especially like the way she performed her job.  I remember how surprised I was to find that laws regarding sexual harassment can stipulate that a person has a right to a reasonably calm atmosphere at work while some women feel upset to find implicitly or explicitly other workers don't like them.  Guys may feel that the world is right when they can count on the opposition by other men, especially if that opposition gets defeated.  A major motivator can be anticipation of a struggle, a battle, a war even, with those other bastards.  This may be the day that I leave those others in the dust, that I am a total hero!


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