Monday, February 27, 2017

Double happiness

I understand that the Chinese symbol referred to in English as "double happiness" stands for marriage.  You can see the symbol in Google but I am reluctant to insert it or a picture of it or a link to an instance since I am still suffering from spam filters.  The symbol looks a bit like two capital T's together: TT but the vertical parts of the T's have what suggests body parts like heads, arms and bodies.  The symbol in brass hangs on our bedroom wall so I get to see it every day. 

There are two dogs that live across the street from us, with two separate families.  By chance, they are both the same Pomsky breed.  I wrote about the two of them in my post of last November 10th.  

If you ever catch the sight of one of the dogs in his large fenced-in pen, and the other seeing the neighbor walking toward him with a leash in hand, you will see a demonstration of how to express joy and excitement with your body, especially if you are four-legged and quite young (about one year, or about seven in human years).  To express anticipation of deep fun, you bark and leap about.  You twist this way and that, keeping your feet in touch with the ground as little as possible.

As the neighbor leads the dog toward the pen, the excitement and anticipation continue.  Once inside the pen, the visitor stands still so that the transfer leash can be removed.  Free!  Both dogs are free!  They run together at top speed, keeping their shoulders in contact.  At some point, one of them will bodycheck the other in an attempt to bowl him over.  If it works, the one will stand over the one downed and grip all parts of his face and head and neck in his teeth while the other does the same to his friend.

They are the very picture, a model, of double happiness.

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