Monday, February 13, 2017

Repetitious delights

I have only lived one life.  I have thought about it, tried to examine what has happened as far as I can remember.  Naturally, I have considered my memories and of course, some memories stand out.  I have some favorites and they are favorites because they are especially important.  When you say, tell me about yourself, it is those important memories that I recite. These important memories are among my best anecdotes.  I skip over the times I washed dishes and emptied the trash.  

Over time, I have come to think of the first time I was responsible for 40 college students for several months abroad, my visit to Nice, the time I got in trouble for climbing a tree on the school ground and when I caused alarm with a short note about the death of our school principal.  I remember the time an inexperienced driver like me got out of the camp vehicle, locking the door but not setting the parking brake, only to find the carefully locked car rolling down a hill without a driver.  

So, please forgive me if I settle on the events that scared me the most or made me proudest or happiest.  There is a rather small set of them and I know them well.  They tend to come right to mind.  I used to ask if I had told them to you but I delight in re-telling and reliving them so now I just rely on your patience and start in on them.  If you really don't want to hear them again, just put your hands over your ears and scream,"No, no, not again!"

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