Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fwd: Save $70 on Our Best-selling Ancestry Kit

This is a good offer of a reduced price for genetic analysis of the path one's ancestors took from central Africa to you.  The usual price is $200.  The analysis is only about ancestors, not special medical and biological markers and potentialities.  We are clearly entering an age of much greater knowledge about genetics and its application to many fields. Maybe you have heard of CRISPR, a new technique for editing, inserting and removing genes.  Use of such techniques may well result in some big mistakes and misuses but in the long run, powerful new possibilities can be expected. If you are a female, you only carry the X chromosome so an ancestral analysis of your male ancestors cannot be carried out. That is a good reason to have a brother get analyzed, if you have one.  My analysis showed sort of what I expected: a path around the eastern end of the Mediterranean and north all the way to Norway and then down the western coast of Europe through Ireland and Spain.  I have the same markers as most Irish and Spanish men.  Lynn is blonde and blue-eyed and looks like her Finnish and Swedish ancestors, not like her Spanish and Cuban ones.  She was very shocked to find a Taino (Carribbean Indians) line.  You may be surprised or not but the analysis gives a person a long-range view of themselves.
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