Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spring moves forward (second try)

(I just sent this out for today's blog but it appears to have been intercepted by scam filters.  I am going to try again with only the non-live link at the bottom.  Apologies if you get two copies.)

I was impressed with the strong showing the amaryllis bulb made when it first shot some giant leaves up from the buffet flower pot where it lives.  As it grew bigger and stronger and put up some stalks for flowers, it was even more cheerful.  I thought it would cheer to the recipients of this blog so I sent out a blog post with two pictures in it.

Unfortunately, the two pictures were not properly modified.  They were far too big and they tripped the Google spam and transmission filters.  Not just Google but many other systems blog recipients use rejected that post.  Out of courtesy and caution, I got about 150 separate warnings that this recipient and that recipient did not receive the post but one system or another would try again later.  Later, they all tried again but the post was unchanged and was finally rejected.  I got 150 additional warnings that the message (it might have been very important!) was not delivered.

That was all great fun but I am trying to avoid a repeat.  The amaryllis is now an attractive flower, in a light pink shade that gets me.  I have put all three pictures on a web page for your viewing delight.  Hope you get all turned on and weepy over the beauty of life and things of that sort. will take you to the pictures or copy the link below into your favorite browser.  

(To me, the plant and its lovely shade of pink is worth seeing but I guess there is more and more of a battle to sort out spam.)

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