Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Helping harder

We have the example of Jesus and we have Servant Leadership.  We have people who have found joy in helping others.  But my astute friend gets irritated with those who are always helping others but fend off being helped themselves.  If helping others gives you a lift, why not share that good feeling by letting someone help you?  It is true that it is sometimes harder to accept help than to give it.  

Much as you want to be independent, you can't really be.  You are already sharing the world made by others, using a language you didn't invent, participating in order you didn't create and don't enforce, benefitting from inventions and discoveries by the ancient Chinese to today's scientists.  Just as you accept all that graciously and gratefully, accept a favor or a gift from another.  Or, if you are strong enough for a greater challenge, accept a compliment, thankfully and sincerely and directly.

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