Friday, February 24, 2017


The last of the interrogatives is the lonely H, How.  It asks about method: how do you make a pie?  How was he killed?  A dissertation, a thesis that reports an experiment or scientific investigation often has five chapters:

Introduction -What this is about [How I look at this question?]

Review of Related Research - History [How others have worked on this?

Method - How this was done

Results - What happened [How it turned out?]

Conclusions and Implications - what it all seems to me to mean, for now and later [How I recommend we think about this matter?]

This is what I now feel I know and you too can do what I did and see why I think the way I do.

In today's complex, highly interconnected and educated world, it is not easy to specify all the details of How something was done is or is to be done.  Even with the best directions and checked and re-checked wording and explanation, there may still be ambiguity, misunderstanding and confusion.

It sounds good and it is, but there are holes.  One is who is paying for all this?  How am I living while doing this research?  If political forces and wealthy commercial interests are financing questions of How and nudging research toward desired subjects and results and away from those not favored, we may be a distorted view of what is and what is not.

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