Friday, April 12, 2013

Humor and help from friends

It is getting ridiculous with the snow, cold and wind here.  I mean we are below the 45th parallel of latitude, which means we are closer to the hot equator than to the cold pole.  So, stop already with the little white flakes.

It did help that our local paper has a headline "Folks Say No to More Snow".  It did help that a Floridian told me to man up and stop whining, one of my ancestral habits.  It did help that a friend sent a picture of a car's thermometer showing 90°.  It did help that there were many witty comments and pictures for my wife to show me on Facebook.  The one I liked best showed a computer-type insert that said,"Installation failed.  Spring 2013 not available in your country".  I could not find that on the web but I did find one that said Spring 2013 was not available in my state and advised me to try Florida.

We two have found that wisecracks and witticisms help very much with pain, embarrassment and disgust with one thing and another.  Beyond the jokes and the uplift they give, beyond the anger-lowering laughter lies the feeling that everyone around here, smarter, better-looking, old hand at winter or new transplant, is similarly peeved.  We all feel sympathy for the robins, always puffed up and trying to insulate themselves. The fact that others, with different personalities and ages and circumstances, feel much as I do makes for a family bond, a merry heave-ho as we all pull on the lines to move the cold somewhere else and the warmth, sunlight and blossoms here.

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