Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fwd: Txtng is killing language. JK!!!

My LIFE class on reading relates, of course, to books.  Books are filled with writing!  Who knew?  Writing and how we write and how we express ourselves are continually changing.  Prof. John McWhorter says some interesting things about the emerging language/activity of texting.  I have listened to this TED talk several times now and I thought you might like to see and hear it, too.  The link in the message has failed on two separate occasions on two different computers so I supply a direct one here:

Here is a link to the transcript in case you want to resort it that.

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April 22, 2013

Today's TED Talk

John McWhorter: Txtng is killing language. JK!!!

13:48 minutes · Filmed Feb 2013 · Posted Apr 2013 · TED2013

Does texting mean the death of good writing skills? John McWhorter posits that there's much more to texting -- linguistically, culturally -- than it seems, and it's all good news.

Linguist John McWhorter thinks about language in relation to race, politics and our shared cultural history.

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