Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is another dreary day any sort of a blessing?

Jerry Apps notes that we speak of mid-summer and mid-winter but not of mid-spring.  He says spring works in fits and starts and that there is no clear feeling of a mid-time. If you don't know the versatile and wide-ranging Prof. Apps, UW-Madison retired, you might be interested in his writings.  He specializes in fiction and non-fiction about the agricultural life in Wisconsin in the early part of the 1900's.  He has also a photographic collection of Wisconsin barns and books on the trails of southern Wisconsin.

I feel that I carry a little extra burden from my childhood of sometimes having roses in January and always a flowering spring in Baltimore by March.  Here it is April 9, nearly one third of the month gone and we have too little warmth and too much snow.  That seems to be the conclusion of many natives of this latitude, not just the wimpy ones like me.

We are expected to have more snow and rain over the next few days, although there usually are breaks, even long enough for a walk.  Besides, there are many ways to exercise, both muscles and aerobics, at home and in a gym, large store or health club.  Still, this date of April is not "supposed" to have temperatures as are expected and they are not what I desire.  While I learned from Mark Epstein, MD, and from the psychologists that I cannot expect to eliminate my desires and that I actually need them, I learned from the Buddhists to view them with caution.  I have gone outside and spoken sharply to the rain about leaving the area, but it is still cold, still raining, and maybe preparing to flood.

Now, having a slight cold, I am taking a different approach.  I am seeing that not only have I no control over this unsatisfying weather, but also that maybe it is partly a blessing.  It makes it quite easy to have a nice cup of tea, to get sleepy and take a nap.  I am trying to be in accord with the weather and do what I can to recognize any benefits it is bringing.  Lynn sang to me about April showers bringing May flowers and I am keeping that in mind.  It has not helped that the Weather Channel forecasts it will take until Monday for any weather of the kind I want to get here.

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