Thursday, October 11, 2012

Used to be sour but now

I have become Tweeter!  You know some of the facts of Twitter
  • Free
  • Max of 140 characters, including spaces
  • Links that are taking too much of your precious Tweet can be shortened. I like the Google shortener but many people use

Basically, you get to read tweets of people you decide to "follow".  Since Oct.4, I have found 105 people I want to follow.  At least 90 of them are people I knew about from reading.  In that time, I have written 60 Tweets.

The fun part has been being able to connect with Toni Bernhard, most of the meditation/mindfulness people I have enjoyed, and many authors, such as Stephanie Bond of "Our Husband" and Kathryn Schulz of "Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error" and Hannah Holmes of "The Secret Life of Dust".  Here I am in a small Wisconsin city and I get to talk to people like that, like Gay Hendricks and Rebecca Skloot.  Way cool!

I suspect that some shapely, scantily clad young ladies have chosen to follow me because I seem to be male.  Since I am not interested in young female bodies nor in pictures of them, they may be cozying up to the wrong tree.

The Tweet stream is pretty steady and it can occupy lots of time, reading, exploring, checking, etc.  Good thing the tweets are short.  So far, no one has said I seem to be too stupid to live, which I take to be a positive sign.

You can find out what the whole deal is about by trying Twitter or just ask me from time to time how it is going.  The Twitter Book by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein is $5.  It has been a help in giving me some info on what else is involved beyond what I have learned about so far.

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