Sunday, October 14, 2012

Five strands

1) I read the other day of a bra for women that was supposed to be able to detect the beginnings of breast cancer.  The link in Twitter didn't work well for either of us and I suspected maybe a hoax or a fraud.  I have heard of smarter clothes for years and I thought this might be an example.  I used "cancer detecting bra" in Google search and got these results.

2) Linnea Soderburg (@LinneaSaid) retweeted this from Funny Tweets! (@ComedyAndTruth)

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can't see.

Funny Tweets! uses a picture of Spongebob's buddy Patrick, the loopy starfish, as its ID picture.  Very appropriate.

3) We recently heard Peter Greene of who regularly talks on the Wisconsin Public Radio show of Larry Meillor on the subject of computers.  He recommends using two virus protection programs simultaneously and finds he has a good experience that way.

4) Slowly, change comes along, changes you can sometimes notice and sometimes not.  Today, we retrieved the last few items from the house where Lynn's mother and stepdad lived.  We may never go there again.  

5) Sometimes, when I read to Lynn, the text is so funny, I can't enunciate clearly.  Too much giggling and chortling (chortle = "chuckle gleefully").  I admire standup comics and actors who can deliver the funniest lines clearly and reasonably solemnly, leaving the audience to do the deep laughing, with tears of delight.  We have been reading "Three Cheers for Me" by Donald Jack, very funny in places but very sober in many others as a young Canadian gets into the fighting in World War I.  So, "Aftermirth", by Hillary Jordan sounded intriguing.  I read it and don't think she quite succeeded in her goal, but it is a noble one that will no doubt re-emerge.  She wanted to explore the possibility of losing a loved one suddenly and very painfully but in such a way that it is difficult for others not to laugh at.  I always thought that Maxwell Smart using a phone booth might asphyxiate himself with anal gaseous emissions of a truly deadly type, maybe brought on by food designed by an enemy to accomplish such a dastardly event.  If you were Mrs.Smart or Maxwell's mommy, you would be tearful and torn and would be not appreciate the laughter that emerged from friends as you explained your loss.

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