Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Story of iPad

My daughter likes to play games and put puzzles together, just like her mother.  I have made it into sudoku but no crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, crostics, or other such challenges.  Meanwhile, our greatgrandson has mastered two or three Angry Birds, Bring Me Sandwiches, Where's My Water?, Bad Piggies, Fruit Ninja and other video games.  My granddaughter had a Kindle but expressed strong interest in a Kindle Fire.  I had one and rarely used it, finding the Kindle Touch more than adequate and quite convenient.  As I gave her my Kindle Fire, I asked her why she wanted one.  She immediately said,"I want to play Angry Birds."

Games!  With color and sound and on a touch sensitive screen!  That's the difference.  Of course.  So, when my frugal  daughter mentioned that she was interested in the new tablets, I got her an iPad.  My tech guru said there wasn't much difference between iPad 2 and 3. The latter one has more pixels in the display and being more recent, will probably be supported and updated longer than the iPad2.  

I got my daughter an iPad3 and she is using it more and more.  Well, I should say that it is getting good use.  Not only my son-in-law and greatgrandson, but both greatgranddaughters are quite interested in it, too.  One of the girls is 4 years old and the other is 3 but they are experienced game players.  The older one gets to use an iPad in her 4 year old kindergarten and has assisted the family adults with some of the finer points of exploding a missile into shrapnel parts to knock down those nasty pigs' tower.  The three year old is precocious and determined to participate in as much that her 12 year old brother does as she possibly can.

Even the athletic youngest greatgrandchild, 2 and a half years old, has used the iPad a little, even though his whole body is in continuous motion.  We have friends who have found that their 22 month old grandson is best quieted and kept amused with an iPad, which he can use to his satisfaction very well.

Lynn and I found years ago that mastering some software simultaneously and discussing what each of us was able to do and where we were frustrated was fun.  Exploring technology together can definitely bring people together.

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