Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tolle and Future World Citizens - 2nd try

Again, this morning, the method I use rejected today's post.  When there are too many included links, some part of the Google system thinks I am trying to send spam.  Here is the message with a link to the latest Google Alert result instead of including it:

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Below Above is a link to the 15th weekly Google Alert on the subject of "children meditation".  The search engine finds items all over the internet regarding those words.  As you can see below, it knows that "kids" often means "children" too and may add items with that word in its results.  You can create a Google Alert on any search terms or any subject of interest to you and set the results to come to your email once a week.  The service is free and a great way to remind yourself weekly to think about what you are trying to learn more about.

This subject, as the French professor of philosophy, Luc Ferry, points out is valuable in that it both shows what is happening to ideas that children can learn meditation and greater self-awareness but it also gauges how much the rapidly spreading interest in families, schools, colleges, hospitals, jails, commercial companies and enterprises, governments, churches and many other types of gathering places has moved on.  But since today's children will be tomorrow's adults, taxpayers, politicians, voters, soldiers, physicians, police, etc., what they learn and can do affects everyone.  As an education professor, I can attest to the somewhat naive idea that people may carry around in their heads that what parents teach and what schools teach is what children learn.  They do indeed learn from those sources but there are many, many other streams of ideas, inspiration, models and aspirations that affect children, chief among them in addition to parents and schools are their peers.

However much you may be convinced that particular religions, political ideas and other doctrines are right or are especially wrong, no one knows just what will prevail in 100 or 1000 years.  Some theorists and thinkers see what they think might be a time in the future when all humans recognize their common heritage and the value for them all to get along together and learn what each society, religion and culture has of value.  Mental tools such as good self-knowledge could assist all humans in tolerating and appreciating each other and the gifts of different cultures and heritages, as well as the shortcomings of each.  Eckhart Tolle is sometimes regarded as the leading spiritual teacher alive today.  Tolle has worked hard to explain spiritual elements in several important religions that have much in common.  He is an example of what can be done by humans who know and understand themselves and their lives and circumstances. He talks and writes about a coming transformation of the world.  Maybe the children of today or their grandchildren will be part of a future better world.
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