Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cheri Huber for better living

My favorite yoga teacher was very gentle and warm in her instructions to the class.  We were never urged to do more than we should nor less than would give us a good stretch.  By the way, the millennia old practice of yoga related to being open to divine inspiration more than to stretching, even though stretching or the old practice of tensing and releasing does help prepare the body/mind to drop worries and appreciate the present.  Back to my teacher: I was impressed when she mentioned teachers she herself benefitted from.  One was John Friend.  Another was Cheri Huber.  

Huber offers online classes and since I have seen the potential of online classes and she was the first name I heard that related body/mind practice to online, I remembered her name.  One day, several years later, I ran across her name again and looked up her books.  The titles themselves are well thought-out and inviting.  The one that leaped out at me was "There Is Nothing Wrong With You Despite What You Have Been Taught To Believe".  I had just been thinking along similar lines but hadn't actually stated such an idea.

Can you imagine working with people who want to develop good relations with their own minds and lives for more than 30 years?  Can you imagine having a group of such people in front of you and stating to them that there is nothing wrong with them?  Surely, it would take courage and you had better have some knowledge and some explanation to back you up.  There is a nearly 100% chance that somebody in the group is going to laugh at such a statement.  Someone else might decide permanently that they are dealing with a charlatan.  I am interested in having that book on my Kindle but so far, I have not succeeded.  I was able to view the book in Adobe Editions but that format does not allow copying.  If it did, I would list the page of statements Huber writes that she believes most of us have heard as children, such as "you drive me crazy", "you are not funny" and 'why don't you ever listen?"  I have heard these things myself and I have spoken them.  It seems difficult to be a parent and not at times say them or a child who does hear them.  Of course, fatigue, fear and exasperation might have anyone stating those and stronger sentences to a child. Besides, I am fairly sure that negative sentences are indeed the best for some kids at some times.

From, I was led to a free audio file that can be listened to online or downloaded from SoundsTrue.  It is an interview by Tami Simon of Huber and runs about an hour.  I have listened to about half of it and I recommend it.  You can hear what Huber is like and what she is about.  She states that she comes from a long line of people with problems, including her grandmother who killed herself with a gun.  Huber says she tried to do the same thing but survived.  She is always on the lookout for ways to help people see into their minds and beliefs and habits on the way to happy, full lives.

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